• Struttin’ forward with confidence and happiness

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    Every day, in some way shape or form you, yes, you are using your feet. We pose stand, walk, run ride and move to the beat of our own drum. Some pay have a dull tap, while others move with a roaring thunder. No matter your pitter or patter, you’re feet lead your movement down the beat and path of your life. After meeting with Dr. Sue Turner and her manager Amanda, I became pleasantly aware of how joyous walking can be. Dr. Turner proclaims “when you strut and have fun, you’re doing it right.”

    1517412_706782939362534_182983152_nStrut Orthotics is an orthopedic business serviced by podiatry within the shared medical facility called Vital Health Medical Wellness Group. Located at 1855 West 4th Avenue this collaboration of medical practitioners offers a variety of treatments.
    Dr. Sue Turner opened this business with Vital Health in 2013, but has been practicing podiatry for over 23 years. Dr. Turner moved from Alberta as she finds Vancouver to be more “relaxing and fun.” The name “Strut” came from a walk Dr. Turner had experienced while visiting Galiano Island. Moving in such a way the projected confidence and positive energy lead Dr. Turner to dedicate her practice and life to making others feel good. Whether it be in her medical profession or her artistry, Dr. Turner aims to influence the “strut factor” into your life. The “strut factor” is that contagious energy that electrifies your soul and makes you want to walk with good intentions. When confidence accompanies your first step, you can’t help but want to move more.

    Watching Dr. Turner and Amanda work together in such a positive way together breeds that energy you can’t help but feel in their presence. If you’re looking for a practitioner that helps you put your best foot forward, than seek out Dr. Turner.
    “People come limpin’ in and leapin’ away”

    Please Note Our Clinic Has Moved To:
    3311 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
    Westside Podiatry Clinic



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  • Legendary comic and lover of Kitsilano fades to black

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    For many of us around the world, the news of Robin Williams passing shivered our funny bone and darkened our hearts. Earlier this week, the “wire” was flooded with tragic outpours about the life of a comedic genius fading to black. Robin Williams, a man that had battled with personal demons for many decades had sadly taken his own life. As the story continues to unfold we’ve come to learn that his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease may have left him feeling even more uncomfortable. Robin brought a great deal of joy to millions of people around the world, as well as some animals (eg. Koko the Gorilla).

    24 hours news — by: John Pigeon – March 10, 2006

    635bed3342fe29c7e6be80d18392022e8e80b172 His electric personality and rapid fluency from character to character was a demonstration of pure comedic genius. As a student of Julliard, Robin embodied skills that couldn’t be taught, only tailored. Very few in this world can exhibit such rapid transition without losing the interest of their audience. One particular captivated audience was along Yew street (near Cornwall) at the former  Urban Well (South East side of Yew). Robin would often perform sets, greet locals and at times sit in amongst the crowd to enjoy the show. For many he was just Robin, for others he was the performer that knew no bounds. Robin’s tireless efforts to toy with our emotions is what has made him a household name across many generations. This legendary man has impacted our life and will forever be a part of all of us. For generations to come, Mr. Williams will continue to make us cherish the arts.

    From all of us at Kitsilano Connection, we wish the Williams family eternal peace. Robin an audience of a thousand smiles awaits you.



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