• Only time will tell what tomorrow brings

    Aug 7 • Speaker's Corner • 1969 Views

    It is time we close the doors of Kitsilano Connection for a little while. How long will we be away? Only time will tell. We have had a great time getting to know the businesses, service providers and event hosts in this great neighbourhood. Our goal was to become a resource for those looking to gain inside information about the great locations of this historic neighbourhood. Our team consisted of interns, volunteers, contributors and a board of advisors. Over the past year we attracted a collection of great contributors that were able to showcase their talents on a platform so many people have come to enjoy.

    We want to take a moment to thank our Director, Jeremy, who gave us all a place to showcase our skills and build upon our portfolios.  Each of us owe you our gratitude for your help in making our names a little brighter on the worldwide web.  We thank you for your efforts and vision.

    Kitsilano Connection will remain published to preserve the material that the contributors and volunteers added to this great platform.

    Be sure to stay connected as we hope to return to this great social site some day down the road.

    Our intern team will remain on Facebook to help those in the neighbourhood gain a little more exposure from our connected following.

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  • Brent Grassie leaves Kitsilano far too early

    May 1 • Exceptional, unique • 5405 Views

    On Sunday, April 26th in his Kitsilano home, one of Vancouver’s beloved artists was found passed away, with his beloved dog Hendrix by his side. The neighbourhood was shook up after hearing that one of their treasured souls had passed on. Brent Grassie was a remarkable person that touched the lives of so many people and animals around him. Often seen walking around Kitsilano with his beautiful blonde labrador Hendrix, the two had become staples of the community for over a decade. Grassie left his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba for the beach side town of Kitsilano, and never looked back. Although his life was cut short at 38, he lived a thrilling and entertaining lifestyle. Grassie was a rock’n’roller, visual artist, stage hand, actor, biker and skateboarder. There was nothing Grassie couldn’t do.

    Vancity Buzz article “Vancouver Artists flourishes from the roots of GRASS”

    Earlier this year we had the opportunity to feature Grassie as one of Vancouver most under appreciated artists. His work has been seen in various coffee shops, restaurants and even on children’s clothing. Grassie was a dear friend to so many people and his time was cut short.

    We wish his family and friend the very best in peace and happiness.

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