Zoo on 4th ~ there’s a Zoo in Kitsilano?

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Zoo hair salon on 4th avenue has dealt with this inquiry many times!  Some people have actually driven up outside thinking that they were going to see some animals!  Why would a hair salon choose the name Zoo?  Good Question!

The Zoo Salon consists of owner/operators: Dawnne, Theresa, Donna, Nyree, Janet, Dean, Minnie & Leah. The majority of the stylists have been working together for 20-30 years, each bringing something unique to the salon!  They call themselves friendly, professional and a little quirky, which makes this warm & playful establishment come alive with fun filled craziness on busy days. “It’s a Zoo in here!” was the inspiration for the business name and it is perfect.

Zoo Hair Salon in Kitsilano Photographer Paul Joseph

Zoo Hair Salon in Kitsilano
Photographer Paul Joseph

Stylist Leah Thompson is the latest addition to the salon and fits in very well to her new Kitsilano environment!  Who wouldn’t want to work here! It’s a place where everyone knows your name regardless of who is styling whose hair! This amazing group run a drama free business that feels like one big happy family! (This is not always the case in a long term business!) The atmosphere is inviting which is why many of the conversations draw clients into an open discussion with each other.

Dean Moulton is the only male stylist at Zoo but he holds his own & is notorious for his quick wit and comical comments. He is definitely not a shy guy and at first glance his stature can be slightly intimidating until you see his dog Niko!  Niko is the resident “lap slut” Chihuahua who greets his favorite people at the front door when they come in for their appointments. Lucky for me he isn’t only loyal to Dean’s clients & although Janet is my stylist, I am honored to get the tail wag & lap visit on most trips to the salon.

Susan & Niko Zoo on 4th Photo c/o Zoo Salon

Susan & Niko Zoo on 4th
Photo c/o Zoo Salon


Zoo Salon Interior Photo Susan McCord

Zoo Salon Interior
Photo Susan McCord










Zoo opened the doors in 2002 and I am proud to say I have been a client ever since!  I look forward to my social & entertaining visits learning something new each time I enter this talented salon ~ and not just about my hair!

Each stylist is attentive to all of their clients from start to finish, unlike some salons that may have assistants to help with hair washing & blowout styling. Everyone who walks out after their Zoo appointment looks like a million bucks and has a smile on their face to match.  It is somewhat like going to a Happy Hour without the alcohol!  Drop by Zoo anytime at 2927 West 4th or leave a voice mail (604) 738-2987.

Dean Moulton – deanmoultonhair.com
Facebook  deanmoultonhair
Leah Thompson  leahthompsonhair.com
Facebook – leahthompsonhair

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