You are so beautiful…to us all

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Words on a page can be so very powerful as they have the ability to jump up, grab your heart and squeeze. We have all been moved at some point or another by the amazing words said to us by another person. As a child watching The Wonder Years I was always touched by the opening theme song by Joe Cocker (With a little help from a friend).wonderyears1

As I grew older and watched him perform live on stage and Saturday Night Live with Jim Belushi just killin it together, I gained such an appreciation for his raspy, emotionally gripping soulful voice. His arms waving in the air as he channeled the Rock Gods from above made him a legend. All the more reason he was awarded a lifetime achievement honour last year. Hearing the song You are so beautiful also brings back many memories that squeezed my heart and made me feel so very loved. Joe Cocker lost his battle with lung cancer today, he was 70.

RIP Joe, you are so beautiful to us all.

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