Tinder Tuesdays!!

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Many of you know or have heard of the hottest, most talked about dating application on the market these days. The dating app in town that appears to be “swiping” the nation is none other than Tinder. Along with other things sweeping the nation, Tinder, the online dating application originally designed by Whitney Wolfe, Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen and Christopher Gulczynski has since been picked up by IAC (InterActiveCorp). What began as a pilot dating experience on college campus is slowly penetrating our pop culture (pun intended) around the world. IAC is a major player in the online application world, owning businesses/website such as UrbanSpoon, Vimeo, Match.com, College Humour and OK Cupid. This corporation is no stranger to changing the ways of pop culture, and have done it again with Tinder.
The phrase “Swipe Left” is making it’s way into every day conversation as a term for rejection. “Swipe right” and you’ve got your self a chance for a match, or a “keeper.”

A few years back when I was babysitting my little cousin, I kept hearing “Swiper, no swiping” from her preferred babysitter, Dora The Explorer. Every time I hear of guys and gals talking about Tinder, I can’t help but think of “Swiper.” Swiper Now, I’m not implying that people using Tinder are creepers, but you may find out that “keepers” are not really what they appear to be. We all creep on the “catalog” in hopes of finding someone worth our time, don’t we?

So what is Tinder Tuesday anyway? Well, as I sat in my living room this past Monday and overheard some chatter about Tinder in the other room, I couldn’t help but develop this theory. Tinder Tuesday is where a girl or guy goes “hunting” for their Friday night dates. If you start “swiping” on Tuesday, you’ve got a great chance of lining up your Friday night “TinderFest.” What’s a TinderFest, well this is just a term we’ve come up with where you could potentially have a Tinder teaser before a Tinder date….which could lead you to being “Tinderized.”  I’ll let you figure out what being Tinderized is all about, it’s not hard to piece together.

What’s your take on Tinder? Have you been Tinderized as of yet? Please leave your comments below as we’d love to hear from you.


 If you’re looking to “Get Tinderized” you can download the application on iTunes or Android for your smartphone or tablet.

Tinder works hand in hand with Facebook so you can see if your friends are connected to your “keepers.”


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