Local pubs put up their dukes & bout it out in The Bimini Chicken Fight

Local pubs put up their dukes & bout it out in The Bimini Chicken Fight

This coming Sunday, August 31st The Bimini on 4th Avenue is hosting its second annual Chicken Fight Kitsilano. Local pubs are not dropping their aprons and boxing in a ring, they’re doing what they do best. Each contestant will be given 12 lbs of locally farmed chicken wings provided by Jackson’s Meats to prepare in their own gym (kitchen). Bimini_staffThe contestants will bring their flavored creations to The Bimini to bout it out before the judges. Last year’s celebrity judges included local bloggers, foodies and even a rap star. A year later and people are still chirping about this notoriously known Fight Night. Chris Badyk, General Manager of The Bimini and long time Donnelly Group employee started this event at The Lamplighter 3 years ago. Bringing this main event to 4th avenue was a breeze, since the residents of Kitsilano all know of the fabulous flavours that range from Burrard to Alma.


The Chicken Fight, like any other judged fight night has rules. Contestants are given time to train (marinate), time to plate (suit up) and time to talk about their recipe (throw down at the showdown).  Each contestant will have to use Maker’s Mark bourbon as a part of their recipe in order to qualify.
To Check out pictures from last year’s inaugural event, click here “The Bimini Chicken Fight 2013” Last year’s winner, winner was new kid on the block, Tractor.

This year’s contestants are:

1.  The Bimini

2.  Tractor – Returning Champs

3.  Romers Burgers

4.  August Jack

5.  Reagle Beagle

6.  Browns on 4th

7.  Hapa Beach

8.  Charqui’s Grill

The celebrity judges that will be scoring the bouts are:


1.  Ed Garcia – , ,, , 


2.  Alvin Pillay – Developmental Chef Donnelly Group

3.  Fiona Grieve – Owner Buckstop Restaurant

Each judge will score their wings on the following categories:

1.  Appearance/Plating

2.  Taste

3.  Use and presence of Bourbon in wings

The winning team will get a trophy, bragging rights and be dubbed the “winner, winner, chicken dinner” Champ of Kitsilano.


Join The Bimini this coming Sunday at 4pm to get in on the action. This Fight Night is once a year and will not be made available for Pay Per View.

The Bimini Weekly Events are:

Monday – Pub Trivia

Tuesday –  Rib Night

Wednesday –  College Night

Thursday – Free Pub Games

Friday – Weekend Dance Party

Saturday – Weekend Dance Party

Sunday –  Brunch + NFL Sunday


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