The Sunsets in Kits are the most heartwarming you’ll ever experience

The Sunsets in Kits are the most heartwarming you’ll ever experience

When you think of romantic sunsets by the beach sharing those cherished moments with the one’s you love, you don’t often think of a bar. Luckily for us all, there’s a place in Kits “where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” That’s right, we can all raise our glasses and say Cheers to Sunset Grill. This landmark on the west side of York & Yew (2204 York St.) has been treating nearly 3 decades. “Sunset” began to break through the clouds on St. Patrick’s Day (Friday March 17th, 1989) and continues to warm our hearts, 25 years later.

fred and garySunset Grill may not be the oldest bar in Kitsilano, but it is undoubtedly one of the most respected. Back in the 80’s two buddies that met in high school, Fred Wilson and Gary Reilly decided to open a bar in Kits. With generous hearts and an open mind the two began by inviting friends and family to experience what would soon turn out to be a modern day “Cheers.” The tap house and whiskey bar currently seats over 100 guests (including their patio) and serves up great food at remarkable prices.

Take a swing and watch it fly…

Every year since its inception, Sunset has hosted an annual golf tournament to raise money for a variety of charities. These events are fun-filled days that embody togetherness and gratitude. It’s events like these that unite the community and spread positivity overseas. An example of their fundraising was when the bar donated to the 9/11 firefighter relief fund.

2014 December Food Bank Drive: Raised 24 Boxes of food & $6000
2014 December Food Bank Drive: Raised 24 Boxes of food & $6000

Something for everyone…

Sunset has a little something on the calendar for everyone. The bar hosts a variety of events scheduled through the month and notable dates throughout the year. These events have such history that people will travel from far and wide to show support and reunite with old friends that they know will be there. Every major event of the bar has a fund raising component to it. The bar continually gives back to the community to support programs like the food bank, local organizations and people suffering from disaster overseas.

The now, the new, the next….

Currently, Sunset Grill Tap House and Whiskey Bar is managed by Jennifer Musser. Jen has been a local favourite for almost 15 years and knows nearly everyone’s name. Her service is now coupled with the newly appointed Chef Sean’s absolutely delicious menu. Every staff member at Sunset is as an extension of your own family. They treat you so kindly and always wish you well. Many clientele have celebrated their birthdays, wedding parties, and events at Sunset, and you can too. Want to be next on the events list, just give them a call, email or connect with them on social media. You won’t find a more heartwarming and generous Sunset in Kits than the one at York and Yew.


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