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Just recently I had been wandering the streets of Kitsilano (as many often to do in “Kits”) when I came across a promotion that you’ve got to learn more about.  Two businesses in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of #VanCity have decided to toss a stone in the social media waters by offering a soothing reward for one of their participants. I have a feeling this promo is going to have a ripple effect and make its way all over Vancouver.

Treatment FaceLet’s begin with where I found this exciting online promotion. I had strolled past a few restaurants and coffee shops along West 4th Avenue (near Dunbar) when a beautifully designed salon and spa caught my eye.  I noticed a sign on the front door that read “Spa Treatment Giveaway.” You know me, I’m always down for a little R’n’R during the cloudy fall days. With autumn upon us I know I’m going to needs some pampering to replace my summer time soothers.  Enter Back2Blond on 4th. “This place has everything” (he said in his Stefon from SNL voice).

stefonIt has a Salon, a Spa, magnificent lighting, wide-open spaces, space-saving everything, huge mirrors, a massive treatment/education room and an exceptional eco-friendly product line. This place is absolutely amazing!

I walked in and was welcomed instantly by a friendly staff member.  After a brief introduction, I had asked if I could learn a little more about the promo I saw. After just a few short minutes with Teresa (owner), I knew I was in a setting that’s seems to serve no other purpose than to make you feel incredible.  Black2Blond is lead by the reverent Teresa Polson, who not only operates the Salon, but the Spa, an Academy for advanced learning and a flagship for what this blogger has recently learned is an internationally known cosmetic line.  This is no ordinary cosmetic line as it’s greater than 50 years old and is highly respected for its premium brand.  La Biosthetique is not only environmentally friendly in its product line and packaging, but guarantees no animal testing in its labs. This product is a definite winner in this neighbourhood and around the world. Marcel Contier founded this company after having great admiration for hairdressers, whom he regarded as beauty experts.  Black2Blond is most definitely a beauty expert as they’ve been in practice for over 10 years and embody a wealth of experience.

“Our expertly trained beauty therapists provide professional treatments in the salon tailored to your personal need for a special sense of well-being and relaxation.” – La Biosthetique, Paris


Black2Blond did a little renovating to their location this past summer, and in September of 2013 they opened up what’s sure to be a landmark at this corner for years to come.  The Salon and Spa raised the bar in their respective industry and have teamed up with La Biostehtique as the only flagship location in Canada and possibly North America.

Black2BlondeIn addition, Black2Blond has also teamed up with a more local premium business, a neighbour that too brings highly respected service to the community.  A sports specific medical office down the street.  Armitage & Associates Sports Chiropractic Group is a well-known medical office that treats patients like members of their own family. Lead by Dr. Robert Armitage, this sports injury specialist has spent the last 25 years improving the lives (and performance) of thousands of patients. After visiting his location, I not only noticed that same promotional poster on his front door, but Armitage&AssociatesI was also welcome by a friendly staff member. As I gazed upon the wall of patient’s pictures, I couldn’t help by try to name some of the recognizable athletes upon the walls. Dr. Armitage has apparently gained quite a reputation amongst the world of professional athletes over the past 25 years. After a brief chat with Dr. Armitage, I learned that his sports medical clinic offered a wide variety of treatment modalities covering injures in all regions of the body.  Dr. Armitage is a board certified specialist with a Fellowship in Chiropractic sports sciences. This acclaimed status lead him to be selected as head of Chiropractic care for both the NBA Vancouver Grizzlies team and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics medical team. The Olympic medical team (lead by Dr. Jack Taunton) has since been regarded as the “best ever” by member of the International Olympic Committee. It’s no wonder you see so many athletes, car racers, Olympic athletes, actors, stunt performers and dancers on his “wall of testimonials.” Dr. Armitage, Dr. McDougall and Paige Allen (RMT) along with their team of clinical staff follow the same business principles as both Black2Blond and La Biosthetique. Quite simply they all take great pride in their brand.

Each of these particular brands stands out as trendsetters for exceptional service in their respective industries. All three businesses provide knowledgeable experiences that help their clientele gain a greater respect for service they’ve received.

So the same ol’ story goes, when you walk by a sign, look up and see what lies ahead. On a day that I just felt like walking around, I was able to learn about 3 added treasures that Kitsilano has to offer it’s community and beyond. Places like these should be shared amongst family and friends.

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Armitage & Associates and Black2Blond have to offer. 

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Find Armitage and Associates and Black2Blond along 4th Avenue as displayed in the map below:

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