Public Myth – Empowering people to find, feel & live with passion

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A fantastic brand has popped up in town after being online for the past seven years.  The Public Myth has opened its flagship location on 4th Avenue, and brings a bit of the beachside vibe to the “ShopWest4th” market. With a warming tiki-type presence the moment you walk in their doors, you know you’re in a beach town. You can’t help but be made aware of their beautiful motto “Live With Passion.”  Essentially, if you look and feel good, you can’t help but carry this forward in every moment of your life. pm_4Public Myth has managed to combine the comfort of active wear with the style of casual wear. The sleek lines, vibrant colours, curvy twists and shapely patterns help create a unique style. The Made in Canada apparel really appeals to active men and women ages 20-40.

So what is this Public Myth and how do we know it when we see it?

After speaking with Kerry (brand creator), I was able to learn that “The Public Myth” is simply an empowered feeling one develops from the healthy lifestyle they embody. Kerry grew up as a construction worker and felt trapped in a mundane lifestyle. His desire to live freely and follow his passion is how he stitched together the foundation of this great brand. Introducing this pm_3brand to the public will encourage residents to feel good and live with passion. Finding a passion can often be a challenge in its self, but if you feel good, look good, there’s a good chance that your passion will ignite from within.

The layers that we use to highlight our features can act as a muse for motivation, confidence and encouragement. This “trinity of power” is what the Public Myth brings to its customers.  Kerry Pollock is a fitness fanatic that boldly went where so few are willing to go. To break the shackles of what restrains you and follow your passion and run with it.

Public Myth provides new styles monthly and changes its décor ever so slightly for the seasons.  This staff of “Power Fitters” help you find the best, most flattering active wear that can be dubbed as casual wear when needed.

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