• Wanderlust; a traveller’s paradise

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    Since 1989, Tony McCurdy has owned and operated one of the biggest and best travel stores in Vancouver. He did so because when he was traveling before the store opened, he noticed there were certainly a lot of travel agents, but no travel stores. Twenty five years later, you could call Wanderlust a traveller’s paradise. Everything you need for your big trip is right here and the staff is more than willing to point you in the right direction.

    For starters there are bags and suitcases of every size and nearly every colour. There you can find all the necessities like locks, adapters and converters, and easily packable toiletries. But what Wanderlust is best known for is their maps and travel guides to just about every place in the world.wanderlust

    As for recommendations on where to travel, Tony says Europe has always been a steady choice and India is becoming more and more popular each year. But Tony is reticent to recommend a specific destination because everyone is different, “what works for one may not work for the next.” If you’re indecisive and unsure of where your next trip might be, a good start is in the travel guide section. They also make a perfect gift for the avid traveler in your family.

    Whether you’re a young backpacker or a retiree, the store has something for everyone. With constant items on sale and doors open every day of the week, Wanderlust is the perfect destination before your next trip around the globe, and yes, they even sell those too. Winning a steady stream of Best Retailer awards, the place brings an option to Kitsliano that is not found in every mall or city block. This massive piece of heaven for any adventurer or family setting off on their first vacation provides everything you need to make the trip memorable and easy.

    1929 West Fourth Avenue


    Facebook @ WanderlustTheTravellersStore

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  • Displace Restaurant and Bar; appealing to the changing diets of society

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    To those of you who know, or may not know, in Kitsilano on 4th and Blenheim, lies quite a bit of history. Situated on the north east corner and under an old apartment building is Displace. Former home of  Nevermind, Fogg & Suds and originally Steer and Stein in the 70’s, Displace sits upon decades of history. Since Displace opened May 1st 2011, it has grown to survive in this tough restaurant industry.

    Displace_Duncan“Were starting to see the fruits of our labor” says owner Duncan Stewart. It takes hard work to run this personal business, and Duncan knows all about hard work first hand. Starting in this industry at 16 years old washing dishes, moved into the kitchen cooking, then a chef. Taking it to the front of house with bardending then managing. And now, the owner.

    Spending most of his life in the restaurant industry Duncan realized that he was already doing what he loved to do. “I didn’t choose it, it chose me” says Duncan, has he tends to a guest by pouring a cold beer.

    Displace offers a wide variety of things to do and see and taste. Karaoke two nights a week, Trivia nights, Comedy nights, and drink and food speacials every night of the week! One of the front runners of the craft beer movement in Kitsilano, also voted by Vancity Buzz, Top 5 burgers two years in a row! Feel free to visit the website and Facebook to be upto date (links below).

    Displace isn’t all one man though, Duncan has a team of amazing staff. Chef Reese Hiebert, Jason Ker the bar manager, and Lauren Hitchman the floor manager are just a few of the smiling faces you will see upon a visit.

    To displace something, means to to take it over. So if you haven’t had the pleasure, or your already familiar, head down the big rock tiled stairs, through the blue door, and come let Displace take over you for an evening.


    Displace events and stuff:

    Monday night is Trivia
    Wednesday night is Comedy
    Thursday is Karaoke
    Friday live DJ
    Saturday is Karaoke

    3293 West 4th Avenue

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