• Calhoun’s Bakery; the best place to get work done

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    If there is a Mecca for hardworking college students who need a quiet place to study or cram for a test, Calhoun’s would be it. The overwhelmingly large coffee shop has lots of tables and chairs, making it the perfect place to read or write. But the delicious place is not just for students, there are people from all walks of life who pop in for a morning coffee or go for an exciting date. The hangout is also open twenty-four hours night and day so for all you night owls out there, Calhoun’s welcomes you anytime.
    CalhounsOpening in 1993, Calhoun’s has been in its Broadway location since the beginning. Hiu Wan took over ownership in 2008 when he noticed the place was up for sale. Hiu says he had fond memories coming there when he was studying at UBC so he wanted to see it stay open. The barn like atmosphere is nothing new, Hiu has kept it pretty much the same since it opened because there is a certain style that is very appealing which he feels shouldn’t be changed.

    The food is perfectly priced and quite the bargain for starving students. Massive cookies are a deal since you would pay the same price at chain coffee shops for something half the size. Then there are the stomach filling quesadillas and yummy warm meals like Sheppard’s pie and lasagna. But the array of sweets can’t be beat, with a choice for everyone that is baked fresh. Sandwiches are also as fresh as they come with house made breads.

    For those holding a party or event in need of catering, Calhoun’s is well known for their services. The extensive full menu has seafood, vegetarian, meat, and even breakfast options. Then there are a variety of platters full of finely crafted finger foods and of course dessert. You can pick up, get it delivered, and hire a full serving staff.

    Calhoun’s has no doubt become landmark in Kitsliano, achieving “the best place to get work done” award from Van City Buzz. Wifi is free for three hours, the staff just asks that you keep on refilling your coffee or purchasing a snack to make the option worthwhile.

    Calhoun’s seems to have an effect on people, bringing in its business from mostly word of mouth. People who experience this warm and joyful place are likely to come back with others to stock up on goodies or meet with a study group. Be part of the buzz and try Calhoun’s today if you haven’t already; get your work done, try the treats, or hire their catering services.

    3035 West Broadway

    Facebook /calhounsbakery

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  • Opa! Keeping it in the Family at Maria’s Taverna

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    20150220_120046Opening on 4th Ave in 1987, Maria’s Taverna has been a hot spot for all your favorite Greek dishes. Small and quaint, the menu is anything but, full of classic dishes like Souvlaki meats and Mousaka, a popular Greek casserole. Spanakopita, a spinach and feta cheese pie is a must try when it comes to Greek cuisine. Salad and potatoes accompany most dishes as well as the very addicting tzatziki sauce, perfect for pita bread. Yes, the menu is big, traditional, and of course very delicious, but you’ll find something more rare and exciting than just the food at Marias; you’ll find her family.
    Owned and operated by Maria Tadoglou and her now retired husband, her three children manage the place, truly keeping it in the family. You don’t see many of these types of restaurants these days, especially in Western Canada. Greek culture is very celebratory when it comes to families, so the atmosphere is very friendly. Bringing your own family here is a treat, not only to try delicious meditation home cooking, but to experience the sounds of Greek music and atmosphere.

    Every summer, you can also look forward to Greek Days in Kitsilano. This outdoor street fair offers up some of the best treats, eats, and beverages that are all things Greek. Maria’s Taverna has a big part of it, supplying fresh of the grill Souvlaki sticks in a variety of different meats. Attracting thousands of people with music, dance, and activities, the event is not to be missed. Maria’s booth is not to be missed either, constantly lined up down the street, indicating how delicious their meals are.


    From Hummus to lamb shoulder, the restaurant brings a truly unique Greek flair to Kitsliano. The cultural dishes are a must try as is the always instantly warming Ouzo, a perfect shot to end the meal. Voted as one of the top Greek restaurants in town by the Georgia Straight, Maria and her family strive hard to keep up that title. Come try it for yourself and experience a little slice of Athens right here in Kits. And don’t forget to shout Opa, a nearly indefinable word that perfectly sums up the atmosphere and lifestyle found here. Say hi to Maria too. You’ll certainly want to thank her and her family after your meal.


    Maria’s Taverna
    2324 West 4th Avenue
    Facebook at Maria’s Taverna

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