• Watch Out! Avoid the Raincouver Poke

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    ‘Tis the season of shopping, celebrating and unavoidably traveling in the rain. We can’t help it, it’s “Raincouver.”  Many people in Vancouver (Kitsilano and beyond) tend to use this soggy season to stay indoors, snuggy it up with a good book, web/tv series they’ve missed out on, or perhaps that special someone. Personally, I don’t let the rain keep me from getting outside, there’s just too much to see and do. It’s the best time of year to catch up with friends, shop and see the sites since most are off work or “clocked out” to enjoy this festive season.

    But watch out, it’s poking season! In order to avoid any inappropriate poking, you may want to keep reading. For those of you looking for a good poke, this may not be what your thinking, so I urge you to keep reading as well.


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    As we take our walkabouts and shelter our pretty noggins from the rampant rainfall with our “ella-ellas,” there needs to be some common courtesy on those narrow sidewalks. Bumpin ‘brellas is what we call the “Raincouver Poke“, and it can be avoided.
    As common as it may be for some, there are still some that may have missed the boat and could benefit from a lesson or two.

    Below is a great video on umbrella etiquette by Michelle Morton that people of Vancouver can share, and possibly make our city even nicer than it already is. The video provides a few tips from a local Umbrella Shop, such as:

    Size Matters – give the little guy a chance. If you’ve got the larger umbrella, please move aside and look out for that mini ella-ella.

    Gimme Shelter: If you’ve got an umbrella and a passerby does not, step aside and let them stay under an awning. The silly-billy forgot to pack right, so help a brother or sister out and shift over for them to stay dry.

    Shake it Off: If you’re entering a shop/restaurant or building of any kind be sure to shake that “ella” outside. Be sure to let that sucker drip on the outside pavement before you leak all over someone’s floor.


    Sharing is caring people so the more you know…well, the further we can all grow.

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