• 5th Annual KitsFest returns to Kits Beach

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    It’s that time of year again when the city starts to migrate to the beach. One of the greatest beaches in all of Vancouver (if not Canada) is Kits Beach in Kitsilano. You’ve got sand, grass, sights and some of the best courts for any sport you’re looking to play. From recreational players with their frisbees and Bocce sets to the amateur and professional Volleyball,  and Basketball players, this beach has it all.  This year, the tennis courts are being re-constructed to match the play (pun intended) of the competitors in this neighbourhood.

    Capturing the peace of mind that stems from Kits Beach

    Capturing the peace of mind that stems from Kits Beach

    I am amazed at how many people attend this beach on a daily basis between the months of May to October, every year. The peak of the season truly happens in August when the cities biggest sporting event happens at Kits Beach, known for the past 4 years as KitsFest.

    beachSome of the greatest volleyball athletes attend this event to try and be crowned the King or Queen of the Court.

    KitsFest is all over Twitter and Instagram to bring you the latest updates and photos for the event.

    Here is a Basketball video that was posted in 2011 from KitsFest event


    This blogger will most definitely be present for this outstanding event.  Here is a list of the sponsors you’ll find present at the event:


    KitsFest will be held at Kits Beach on August 9-11, 2013 (all day)

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  • I’m on a BOAT!!

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    Just recently I had the true pleasure of visiting with some friends on their boat.  We had planned to go out on the water to watch the fireworks over the BC Day (long weekend).  There is something very rhythmic and serene about spending time on the open sea.

    Upon arriving at the marina beneath the Burrard Street bridge, you’re welcomed by rows and rows of beautiful boats.


    After spending hours on the boat eating, drinking and listening to music, time truly felt like it was floating away.  Around 9:30 pm, we decided to make our way to English bay to witness was to be one of the most spectacular fireworks displays of the vancouver Celebration of Lights Festival.

    If you ever get the chance to see fireworks up close and personal, take the opportunity, because it will be a memorable experience.


    And of course, the anthem for the weekend was none other than “I’m on a Boat” by The Lonely Island (ft. T-Pain)

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