• Lovers of Kits Beach get active with KitsFest

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    Kits Beach has always been known as a place to enjoy recreational activities and sports. This year, The Canada One Foundation hosts the sixth KitsFest sports invitational.  With the addition of a Doubles Tennis tournament, KitsFest has become the place to be for sports fans this weekend. From August 8th to 10th spectators will be able to watch basketball, volleyball and tennis tournaments in the respective seating areas. Sponsors of the event will surround the various courts, giving away flyers, coupons and swag from their booths.

    The biggest prize/contest this weekend is courtesy of Audi Vancouver, who is offering 1 lucky winner a trip to Whistler. To enter, you just have to take a pic on Instagram and add the phrase #KitsFestAudiDT. On Sunday 3 people will be selected to shoot a 3-pointer for chance at this prize. If you nail your shot, you’ll get the Whistler package that also includes a Audi rental car to take you there.

    Audi InstaContest






















    In addition to the sports tournaments, there is also the first ever screening of a movie on the beach. At 8pm on Saturday, August 9th Kits Beach will be showing Nash The Documentary. A movie about the “Father, Humanitarian, Filmaker and MVP” that is Steve Nash. Tickets can be purchased from local ticket distributor Picatic. KitsFest will also have a FREE Yoga class courtesy of LuLuLemon and Zumba class courtesy of The Zed Team. Yoga begins at 8 pm on Friday night and Zumba will start of the day on Saturday at 9 am.

    Sunset Yoga Lululemon

    Zumba at KitsFest

    Find KitsFest on Twitter (@KitsFest1) / Facebook  (@KitsFestVancouver / Instagram (@KitsFest)


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  • Beach Nuts makes friend’s with salad

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    People come from far and wide to visit the beautiful beaches of Vancouver. Especially the “sexy” beaches of Kitsilano that draw hundreds if not thousands of visitors each weekend. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the need to quench one’s thirst rises with the sweat inducing sun.10485333_867183119975767_2550077432940515334_n

    Two particular visitors started to bring their own tasty beverage to the beach and notice a buzz growing amongst their friends. John Garinger and Peter Christensen start bring their “nuts” to the beach and got a lot of stares. Both John and Peter noticed that their “nuts” reminded people of holidays, vacations and just laying out on beach. We’re referring of their Coconuts of course, as most beaches in North America have palm trees, which sprout this delicious drupe.

    Often referred to as a fruit because of it is tasty juices, the coconuts comes from the Spanish word “coco” meaning head. Some might say a coconut resembles that of a head or skull, but John and Peter have dubbed this new trend as the nut of the beach.BN_Logo

    Here in Vancouver, Beach Nuts (ice cold coconut water) can be found at both Kitsilano beach (next to the Tennis courts) and at English Bay (near Cactus Club). Esasily recognizable, Vancouver Beach Nuts are sold out of the custom fabricated Tiki stand. These well-designed stands are actually mobilized carts made by the hands of John and Peter.  Their hand crafted carts have been made to accommodate the high demand for these tasty beverages.



    Flavour your coconut water with any combination of fruit. Fruits include: Pineapple, Watermelon, Banana, Strawberry, Lime and Mango. Mango is the single most popular flavour, while Pina Colada (just add Pineapple) and Strawberry/Lime are the most popular combos.


    New for this summer, if you bring your “nuts” back, cut open the shell, Vancouver Beach Nuts will add fruit to the meat to make a salad for a small fee.


    Vancouver Beach Nuts are a very green operation. They continue to encourage all their patrons to recycle their coconuts after use.

    According to compostbin.org,  “coconut fibre and coconut shells can be used in your backyard compost.”

    Vancouver Beach Nuts are natural compost and are always looking to donate their used product to local gardeners, plant groups or community gardens.

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