No Pirates Allowed in this Toy Store

No Pirates Allowed in this Toy Store

That’s right; No Pirates Allowed does not allow any pirates of any kind in the facility. What they do allow are children of all ages to come in and check out the variety of toys their parents may have grown up with and fun craft kits for different hobbies.The name came from owner Gregory Baker’s son after a conversation at the dinner table. After suggesting that there be “No pirates allowed” in the store, the name kind of stuck and a theme was born. Now you’ll find a purchasing counter shaped like a pirate ship among the rows and rows of toys.

No Pirates Allowed - ShipGreg got into the business after creating a popular line of NHL board games and puzzles, including NHL Big league Manager. Ten years later, Greg had the knowledge and connections to sell the products he wanted, along with classics like kaleidoscopes, slinkies, and stuffed animals.

No Pirates Allowed has been open for three years now and provides Kitsliano with a local option to bring your kids or shopping for loved ones. The store contains many small or hard to find items you may not be able to find in larger chains. Greg says the most popular items are board games and craft sets like pretend cooking or art supplies. Specializing in toys for children under three, all the way up to ten, there is surely something for everyone once you browse around. With the jam-packed shelves, it’s guarantNo Pirates Allowed - Gameseed to light up a child’s face in an instant.

Popular with Mother’s taking their kids out for a shopping day or Grandmothers looking for the perfect gift to spoil their grandkids, No Pirates Allowed is simply a fun place to be. And with neat gifts like harmonicas or ingredients to make snow, it might just satisfy the kid in all of us.

No Pirates Allowed is at its busiest during Christmas season, but that doesn’t mean the stock slows down. For birthdays, parties, entertainment, or just a little gift to say I love you, the store is open all year round. For a smile, a throw back, or a shopping day with the kids, leave your pirate attire at home at visit.

No Pirates Allowed
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