MO money for MO-vember – Celebrating 10 years of the ‘stache

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Every year as men begin to remove their costumes and/or masks from Halloween,  wash up and shave their faces before putting away the razor for 30 days. 30 MOre hair raising days that aim to raise awareness for cancer. If you’ve never heard of MOvember, it’s quite easily described as a time when men (globally) grow ‘staches to raise MOney for prostate cancer.  It also happens to be the same time that smooth skin, baby-face lovin’ girl/boy friends get trumped with the “it’s for a good cause” playing card.  Celebrating it’s 10th year, the Australian born MOvement has gained a global following that includes politicians, movie stars, broadcasters and millions of  Mo’ lovin’ supporters.  10 years ago, two friends; Travis Garone and “Lucky” Luke Slattery discovered this event while sharing in a conversation over a beer (or two). With a passion for bringing back the Mo’s, the idea to have others share their enthusiasm became contagious when they coupled this passion with a fundraiser for cancer.  By emailing their friends and encouraging them to participate, these two Aussi’s paved the way for what has become the hairiest event the world has ever seen.  Since that time, MO-vember has travelled across the globe to raise over 146 million dollars through 1.1 million registered “MO’s.”

Many places throughout Vancouver will host events or office parties to raise MOney for this event.  Most especially towards the end of the month in order for “MO’s” to show off the couture of their upper lip.  One in particular is right here in Kitsilano at the Corduroy Restaurant on Monday, November 25th at 10pm.  A charitable tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors has been organized by Jolly Brain Productions to raise money for Movember Canada.

Here are a few examples of “MO’s” you may see throughout the month of MO-vember:

types of Mos


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