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com_2Taking time to treat our mind, body and soul can be a trying task. One of our daily challenges is finding that one place in the busy city that can help take you away from all the noise life can bring. cOMpasha Massage and Yoga is that place. Owned and operated by Tiffany Crowe, cOMpasha is a place the invites people to let go and release their tensions. cOMpasha can be defined as a therapeutic practice that heals with compassion. It heals your Qi (or chi), which is the natural energy that circulates through the body that can be compromised through our activities of daily living. Tiffany helps you find balance and harmony to enhance your overall being.cOMpasha studio

Established in September of 2014, Tiffany felt the need to share her passion with the world around her. After spending over a decade traveling and mastering her craft, Tiffany planted herself in Kitsilano to provide a service that the athletic community will undoubtedly appreciate. cOMpasha offers 3 modalities of bodwork; massage, yoga and Reiki. Most of us know of massage treatments and we all know about Yoga in Kitsilano (thank you Mr. Wilson), but some of you may not know of Reiki. In 1922, the spiritual practice developed by Japacompasha signnese Buddhist Mikao Usui was used to transfer universal energy through palm healing techniques. This technique can be very enlightening, uplifting and meditative.

If you’re looking to treat your body (as it should be treated), Tiffany practices deep tissue, Swedish and relaxation massage techniques. Massage sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes in length (currently on sale for $49.99/69.99 respectively). Tiffany also offers a variety of yoga sessions; Vinyāsa, Hatha and restoration.

On January 18th, Tiffany will be hosting a workshop in Kitsilano at Sacred Space Studio (3574 W 4th Avenue) entitled Meditation for skeptics. This workshop is an opportunity for those that have always wanted to try meditation, but were held back for one reason or another. This workshop is designed for the “average Joe” that misconceived mediation as being dogmatic. Included in this workshop is a 45 minute yoga class, so get comfy cause this is full day event.

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After experiencing a session with Tiffany one can expect a very uplifting and enlightening treatment. Not only will you be completely at peace in her studio, but you’re mind, body and soul will thank you for a time well spent.

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