KitsKitchen; The sum of its parts make it incredibly wholesome

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There’s a new soup company in town and it is drawing a whole lot of attention. Stemmed from the roots of our great neighbourhood, kitskitchen soups are not your every day soups, yet everyone is lining up to try these incredible concoctions. The story begins when Joni Lind began making soup to correct her “qui deficiency”, a recommendation from the wise (her mother) after seeing Lind was experiencing poor blood circulation. Lind began packing soup for lunch to take to work, and because no one ever makes just one bowl of soup, there was plenty to go around the office. We all know how great it feels to share, and Lind started getting asked to bring more soup and that her friends would even buy it from her. Just like many cooks before her, Lind found a sense of gratification for feeding (and healing) others. Lind may not consider herself a cook, but she sure knows how to please others through food.


Just one more ingredient to make things perfect…

Once the idea was born, Lind began working on recipes. After a night of unsuccessful soup making alone, she started talking to her friend Amy Kizaki about her idea and before they knew it they were exchanging soup samples during their lunch breaks. Through a trial of samplings each other’s blends, the kitskitchen soups slowly developed. The two met on February, 2014 at Forty Ninth Parallel in Kitsilano, where talks of the execution of the concept took place and the two really started to work on their business. After collaborating on ideas and stewing up a menu, they were ready to “kick things up a notch.”

Fresh, Local and Healthy

The girls agreed that anyone can create a product, but starting a movement would have a ripple effect on the people around them. Having a soup that contains fresh, locally sourced organic ingredients and is both gluten and dairy free will improve the overall well-being of anyone. Interestingly enough, the word kits can be defined as a container of components. kitskitchen has just the right components to become a very popular item on shelves throughout Kitsilano. Currently, you can grab a jar (500 ml) or bag (1 ltr.) at Greens Organic + Natural Market and Body Energy Club on Broadway and coming soon to the upcoming Juicery Co. at 3570 West 4th.

Since freshness is such a valued element to their business, soups are made seasonally based on the availability of the “components.” Additional components to the kitskitchen brand are the key role players. Nutritional advisers Kim Robinson and Ellie Shortt hav48e helped the brand be more of healing agent than ever before. The insight that Robinson and Shortt bring to the table has highlighted the nutritional benefits for each soup and plays an integral role of the presentation. The newest addition to the team is Robbin Husoy, a seasoned cook with a passion for making great soup.

Here and Now…

kitskitchen has introduced a 48 hour Soup Reset. Make no mistake, this is no cleanse as it’s aimed to rejuvenate the body by giving the digestive system a break for two days. The body is our fuel tank that supplies energy to get you through the day. While the girls are adamant that living a healthful lifestyle is an every day and long-term choice, they hope that the Soup Reset will help their customers to kickstart that commitment. For $80 you get four soups and two bone broths per day. This easy-to-swallow program will build up your immune system, replenish your bodily fluids and provide balance to your lifestyle. 

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