KitsFest 7 at Kits Beach starts August 7th

Over the past decade, The Canada One Athletic Foundation (COF) has built up a sporting festival in Kitsilano like no other. Through the help ofThe Vancouver Parks Board, acceptance of The Kits Point Residents Association and local support from many community partners, KitsFest has become a spectacular sporting event like no other in Canada. With a great supporting cast directing each sport, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball tournaments have been held on the same weekend at the same iconic Kits Beach site. With the addition of beachside classes such as morning Zumba (lead by The Zed Team), astounding (glow in the dark) Sunset Beach Yoga by Lululemon, and now two Spin cycling classes by Steve Nash Fitness, the festival can appeal to an even wider audience. By adding on a new Water Polo tournament, the entire beach will be taken over by what Co-Founder Howard Kelsey describes as an “active living and healthy lifestyle smorgasboard.”

KitFest Volleyball – photo credit: Vancouver Sports Pictures

As am Olympic Basketball Alumni, Kelsey teamed up with Julien Phipps, past President of The Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce, to form a sports festival on Kits Beach. Having grown up at this site, Howard Kelsey and Ron Putzi refer to these courts as their old stomping grounds. Both Kelsey and Putzi grew up playing at Kits Beach before making it to the international level of basketball. With their roots deeply seeded in the grounds of Kits Beach, these two legendary “ballers” along with Phipps, have furthered the mission and purpose of the COF. The COF launched in the year 2000, with the purpose of developing youth leadership excellence, sports and education. Following 15 years of awarding youth education grants surpassing $1.2M via The HSBC/TELUS Basketball Classic, The Foundation oversees the annual community tradition of KitsFest. Now in its 7th year, this free public event has helped steward over $750 K of community legacies at KitsilanoBeach and their mission continues to grow. COF has helped lead renovating, maintaining and the manicuring of amenities at Kits Beach via the palm trees outside of The Boathouse Restaurant, the ten recently renovated Kits Beach tennis courts and the two Kits Beach basketball courts.

Sunset Beach Yoga - Photo Credit: Vancouver Sports Photography
Sunset Beach Yoga – Photo Credit: Vancouver Sports Pictures

The coming August 7th, the seventh annual three-day KitsFest will be bigger than ever. Live entertainment will be provided by Smooth Grooves Productions throughout the entire festival. Be sure to visit the JoyTV BC enJOYment zone for beach side lounging with special host Carmen Ruiz y Laza.

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This will be one of the most sports-packed festival’s to date.



Date: August 7, 8 and 9, 2015

Address: Kits Beach (Arbutus St. and Cornwall Ave.)

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