KFL: A touch football tournament on Super Bowl Weekend

KFL: A touch football tournament on Super Bowl Weekend

In 2012 a group of football-loving friends decided to get a game going on one of our many parks here in Kitsilano. It has since become a highly desired tournament with over 100 people participating annually. The Kitsilano Football League (KFL) originally began on Saturday, February 4th 2012, as a way for the group of friends to celebrate Superbowl Weekend. The same year that Eli Manning shocked the world by beating the heavily favored Patriots, a touch football tournament was born in our beloved neighborhood.

KFLsmallThe KFL was founded by Adam Nicholson & Will Carnes as a way to “unite the boys for a game of football”. With their good buddy Marc Andrew helping out for the first two years, the event became a way to bring close friends together and even re-unite some of who they hadn’t seen in a while. Carnes explained “ Superbowl weekend was the most opportune time to get friends together as we knew most were going to be around.” This recreational “Beer League” tournament is always in high demand as there is no other tournament of its kind in Kitsilano.

Playa’s got to play…

With friends Alessandro Frijo and Scotty White agreeing to ref the tournament, all that was left was organizing the teams, equipment, and a playing field. Will and Adam decided to split the responsibilities; one gets players, captains and mailing lists while the other deals with field rentals, insurance waivers and equipment. Captains are nominated by Will & Adam, and the players invited, are then selected in a draft format to form the teams. Draft night is just the beginning of the hype and excitement with all captains congregating at a bar within Kitsilano. Over beers, they filter through pages of player bios created by Adam and then they are on the clock to make selections based on their team needs. On the day, six games are played in a round robin format, before a three round playoff decides the winner. “Everyone has to work Monday” said Carnes, which reminds the group of the spirit of the event and to help prevent serious injury.

Touch and give back…

Players range from a variety of abilities as this tournament is purely designed as a recreational event for men & women aged 25-45. For some it is a chance to get out and run around for a day, others get a chance to relive their high school or college “glory” days. This game of touch football is exactly that, and because both Adam and Will are passionate about giving to charity through this day at the gridiron. The KFL annually chooses a local charity to donate proceeds to; in doing so, the group of weekend warriors continually exceed previous event donations by raising more money with each passing tournament.


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