Karaoke in Kitsilano; a mixture of pleasant notes

Karaoke in Kitsilano; a mixture of pleasant notes

For most of us, Karaoke is a time to sing along to your favourite tunes with your friends and/or colleagues. Some find this a great excuse to test their shower singing voice after downing some liquid courage.  For what ever the reason, one this is for certain, Karaoke is always a fun time.

What is Karaoke?

If you are not familiar with Karaoke, it is basically an act of singing along to recorded music, using a microphone, and a public address system. Typically the music is drawn from well known popular songs from a book, provided by the host. Karaoke is often held in dedicated venues (which have private booths for rental) or at pubs for an event night. For the latter of the two a hosts is essential to ensuring audience participation is hyped up and engaging.

A pleasant mixture of notes…

One of the most popular karaoke hosts in Vancouver can be found entertaining audiences throughout Kitsilano. Virginia Lynn, owner of Euphonic Entertainment is arguably one of the most professional and accredited karaoke hosts in British Columbia.  Virginia has put her expert skills, fun atmosphere, and positive vibes into some of the best karaoke events you will ever attend.  As the host of the BC division of Canada’s national karaoke championships for the past three years, Virginia and Euphonic Entertainment have gained a great deal of respect in the industry.
Virginia Lynn started Euphonic (meaning a pleasant mixture of notes) in 2010 with a desire to provide a fun loving environment for people to enjoy themselves. Euphonic Entertainment DJ Services was established to allow events, weddings and venues the opportunity to host a unique offering for guests/patrons.

Virginia has studied, crafted and rehearsed her musical talents. As the main host and DJ of Euphonic, Virginia has gained a level of stage presence the transcends through her audience. As to be expected, singing in front of an audience (both sober and inebriated) can be intimidating. The vibe that Euphonic entertainment brings to the scene ensures everyone involved in the show (both singer and spectating) are going to have a good time. Leave your inhibitions at the door cause partying with Euphonic is exceptionally exciting.

Places to sing…

Come on down, and get connected with your karaoke community. Enjoy the welcoming presence of an excellent host and amazing DJ. Euphonic Entertainment would not be as popular in Kitsilano without its mixture of notes; the people, the venues and of course it’s host, Ms. Virginia Lynn.

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