Is Yoga in Vancouver a practice or a fashion?

Our beloved neighbourhood of Kitsilano has a plethora of yoga studios, some of which have duplicated their brand on the same street. There is no doubt that the popularity of this practice has grown exponentially over the past decade.

Pants or Practice…

Our desire to get “fit and have fun” has taken on a whole new meaning. For some it is a sacred practice that build upon a driving force from within to reach for unbelievable breakthroughs, while others may hop on the Namaste Express. We’re not here to judge why people exercise, we’re merely pointing out a potential crack in the system. Once upon a time, Yoga was a practice to help the mind, body and soul seek unity and enlightenment. Today, there happens to be a heightened emphasis on the gear we sport while posing. Yoga pants have taken on such a craze in our society that its lead to executives losing their jobs as companies face litigation issues by a large amount of outraged women. I digress. I’d like to encourage you all to wear what you want to wear, stretch as you want to stretch and just BE….in the moment.

We are all guilty of falling in love with fashion and pop culture, it’s just a part of being human. So, if you can’t poke fun at your self, you really need to open your mind, breathe and welcome the funny side into your heart chakra.

Looking at the ZEN and NOW….

Here is a hilarious look at what might have happened if Ghandi showed up to class one day. (WARNING: explicit language, some may find offensive, while others may end up rolling around the floor laughing your butt off)

Wishing you all peace, love and hippiness.

Kitsilano Connection

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