Feeling Connected

Feeling Connected

Every now and again you feel an unexplainable kinship with a random person in your life. Unknowingly to you at the moment, you just live it up and try to embrace the surprising comfort. The person that is placed before you at a particular time helps you realize a little something new. Whether it be something new about them, or something new about your self, you’re enlightened by a moment that indirectly shapes your next move. We are all so very privelaged to engage in the company of a friendly stranger every now and again. I urge you to get to know your neighbours, especially those that may appear a little eccentric or out of the ordinary.  We the dwellers of Kitsilano are a very unique and interesting bunch.  No matter your interest, job or passion, we all share a common trait that makes us very special to one another. We are incredibly supportive. Businesses will lend a helping hand to their neighbours in time of need, parents will “meetup” in local parks and have their kids play together, “regulars” will keep their local restaurants, salons, pubs, and trainers in business. We are all very supportive of one another and you all deserve a pat on the back. The roots of Kitsilano are stronger than ever as we continue to connect with one another as generations before us did.


A lil’ anecdotal…

The other day I had the pleasure of speaking with someone that totally caught me off guard. Not that I’m typically on guard or anything of that sort, but I was just taken by surprise. My friendly stranger shared a personal tale that opened my eyes. As we sat on the patio of a neighbourhood pub (no, not that one ;-), I listened to their tale and became frozen with intrigue. My ability to listen allowed this person to share more and more of their life without even caring that their phone was ringing and dinging away. We sat for 45 minutes and shared in each other’s lives. That treasured moment happened a spot in Kits that we now call home. Home to a cherished moment that we will never forget.

It’s moments like these that we need to treasure more of. Try to put your phone away and learn more about what people are saying. Most especially, the ones that are sharing a part of themselves.

With the summer month upon us, we urge you all to spend a little more time meeting your neighbours.

Say Hello, my name is____, how are you?


Feel free to leave your comments below as we’d love to know how meeting a random changed your day.