Don’t be a Butthead, butt out your butts

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No matter the restrictions, the bold signs, or the large warning labels on the packs, people will continue to smoke. In Kits, people have few places to light up as the beaches, bars, cafés and many apartment buildings have become smoke-free.  Our team is not the type to lecture people on what they should or should not do, that’s not why we’re here. We come to you all today in hopes of encouraging you to please find a Butt Stop and put out your butts. Our neighbourhood is full of such beauty and we would kindly appreciate it if you could prevent the streets from becoming riddles with dead butt-heads.

201005123073540As the hot weather starts to make its way north to our beloved beaches in the upcoming months, we anticipate (and some businesses count on) more visitors to our enriched beach front community.

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Please help put an end to Butt-Heads by adding a outdoor ashtray or receptacle to your local area.  The time to put an end to this epidemic is now. Past campaigns that helped the world become a cleaner place did make a difference. From Woodsy Owl’s “Give a hoot, don’t pollute” to Smokey the bear’s phrase “Only you can prevent forest fires,” we’ve learned the we can change. So, in these more modern times, let’s try to rid our streets of Butt-Heads by saying “Butt Out Your Butts” or #BOYB for all you “tweeps” out there.

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