Blame it on the Boogie

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Over the past couple years, my team and I have incorporated a little dance time in our daily routine. It gives us a moment of each day to let loose and re-energize our soul.  The late great George Carlin once said, “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”

It wasn’t too long ago when we’d be introduced to “private dancing” through iTunes commercials. Apple would encourage us all to dance and live more freely. I for one have found my self moving and shaking along the seawall when “my jam” comes on. Dancing is a very simple release for us all to embrace throughout the day. Music is an international language designed to connect us all together. If you see someone dancing in the street, don’t just stare, join  in on the fun.

So from all of us at Kitsilano Connection we urge you all to please take a moment out of each day and dance like nobody’s watching.

All About That Bass Choreo Collaboration by Air and Bev from Air on Vimeo.

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