Baristas; the daytime bartender

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For many of us, the day doesn’t really get started until we fuel up and get our motor running. Though there are a variety of ways to kick-start your engine, Vancouverites ( most especially those residing in Kitsilano) appears to love visiting their local “Beanery.” Coffee shops in our beloved city are not just a place to grab a “double-double,” roll up your rim and move on. The rich blends of coffee made available to us in this aromatic west coast city have crafted us into aficionados or connoisseurs of this treasured bean.

My Spot…

Vancouver has no shortage of coffee shops. In fact, some have even been bold enough to compile lists online of the “Best kits_CoffeeIndependent Coffee Shops in Vancouver” or “Vancouver’s Top 10 Coffee Shops.” This is almost too impossible to do. In Kits, there are over 3 dozen spots to get your self a cup of “fuel.”  Your preferred spot is almost as sacred to you as your hair stylist or yoga studio. The loyalty you have to your “spot” is derived from a variety of reasons. Whatever your own personal checklist may be, a common reason for most is our ability to feel connected. Becoming familiar with your “Bean buddies” makes you feel welcome and sociable (without having to tap the screen of your smart phone). People sharing common interests and conversation has become digitized.  Luckily for us all, there’s always a “Central Perk” nearby where friends can unite and share. Contrary to their depiction on television, the purveyor of coffee has become a highly skilled job. They are the doctors of your morning brew, the dispensers of your daily fix, and dealer of our magic beans, they are our baristas.

Baristas are Bartenders without the booze…

Baristas can turn an ordinary coffee shop into an extraordinary cafe. A well trained Barista can recall your name, your beverage (with or without the whip) and the order of your accompaniment; babies, children, puppies or significant other. Yes, I just referred to people as accompaniment, why not? The memory of these remarkable tenders is astounding and often under appreciated. Baristas are the day time bartenders that connect with patrons through intimate heat and passionate steam.  They know what you like and have a tantalizing way of giving it to you. Remember to tip your bartender, ’cause a barista is also “just here to put herself through grad school.”

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