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  • Frightened Turtles headed for Kits Beach

    Dec 28, 14 • 1965 Views • EventsNo Comments

    Earlier this year many people from far and wide decided to put their bravest foot forward and dump ice over themselves in support of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. With the waves of social media posts flooding our page feed, this initiative was able to raise...

  • Rolands falls from heaven and knocks the Hell out of 4th Avenue

    Dec 27, 14 • 2682 Views • EatsNo Comments

    A great new spot on 4th avenue brings a fresh new flavor for diners in Kits. With their captivating patio lights and alluring aromas, Roland’s on Fourth is drawing some well-deserved attention. Just west of Maple, this spot was once home to Hells’...

  • You are so beautiful…to us all

    Dec 23, 14 • 954 Views • Speaker's CornerNo Comments

    Words on a page can be so very powerful as they have the ability to jump up, grab your heart and squeeze. We have all been moved at some point or another by the amazing words said to us by another person. As a child watching The Wonder Years I was always...