A simple game becomes a Kits cult classic

Photo by Kathleen Hinkel
Photo by Kathleen Hinkel
Photo by Kathleen Hinkel

­­What started of as a simple game amongst friends, has become a cultivated event dubbed “The Most fun you’ll have on a Monday.”  It’s the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament at Corduroy Restaurant, hosted by Scott Patey of Jolly Brain Productions. Almost 3 years ago to the day, 3 members of the Jolly Brain Production team, Brian Fredericks, Joel Fortin and Scott Patey did what most friends in the entertainment business do, they thought of a fun game to bring to the stage. The three friends approached a manager of Corduroy Restaurant with an idea and after a collaborative effort, the four created Rock, Paper, Corduroy (RPC). With electrifying enthusiasm and permission from their favourite watering hole, the stage was set for what would soon become a Kits cult classic.

On Monday, March 17th (St. Patty’s Day!!), 2014  the team will celebrate the 150th consecutive time they have graced the stage to host the event.  It’s sure to be a riot, but the not the typical Vancouver kind. This riot will tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches as the host/referee, Scott Patey has perfected his skills over the past 3 years. Patey has since become one of Vancouver’s funniest performers.  According to Scott and Joel (his incredibly charming sidekick), the event has spawned nicknames for many of their regular players and morphed them into a neighbourhood celebrity for the night. One regular stated that he can’t help but say “Bitch” anytime he hears the word “Sweep.” An inside joke we’ve come to realize came from audience participation during the game.

This monstrous Monday event draws players from all over Vancouver and beyond. People have celebrated birthdays, work parties, team reunions, and even “Skyped” in from overseas.

The Rules:

At the beginning of every show, every participant is given a ballot to complete.  This includes your name, a nickname, and your “bio.” Scott (the referee) will introduce you and read your ballot aloud. This is when you’ll realize that there’s a few fan favourites amongst the crowd. The hosts will then ensure every participant and spectator is made aware of the rules. The way in which Scott presents the rules that he claims to had learned from an online college program is absolutely hysterical. It doesn’t take you long to recognize that the crowd have come to love his “pitch” since many recite the rules aloud with him.

Put your phones away as this night is not just for participants. The spectators are asked to participate at certain points of the game. In the event that the 2 players reach a tie, the audience is asked to create drum roll by tapping on their tables. Once the winner is announced, the place erupts louder than when the Canucks score a goal. Secondly, comes the humiliation chant of those that lose without winning a single match. Should you get swept in your battle of fist draws, the crowd will chant their “Sweep song” and make you take the walk of shame back to your seat.


The top 3 players are guaranteed to get a cash prize. Typically the winner walks away with $50.00 but for this upcoming landmark, the prizes will be far greater. There will be Canucks tickets, Vancouver Theatre Sports tickets, as well as cash prizes.


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